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Cero Obsidiana, is a collective that seeks to enhance and support the collaborative talent that is formed by integrating work teams of designers and artisans, always working on a horizontal axis generating a comprehensive and complete participation, thus creating innovative proposals, using design as an agent of change in favor of artisan work.

Neteotiloyan, San Martín de las Pirámides, located in the State of Mexico.

Cradle by tradition of the artisan work of Obsidian. It is here that hundreds of people and even families have dedicated themselves to this incredible work for years. A noble and complex work in turn due to the characteristics of the material.

However, obsidian work has been little explored in terms of design, remaining only in local crafts. In addition to this, artisans see a difficult market in their tourism sector, since practically all workshops make the same type of pieces. There is an urgent need to innovate in your proposals.


Although these are sufficient reasons to act as designers, the current pandemic made the problem much more complicated, since the closure of archaeological sites, their sales decreased drastically, even if they had to look for other sources of income. It is now more than ever that we must act in favor of the country's artisan traditions, the people need us, the country needs it, and design is the answer.

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